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Tempo Power Meters Features

Works with all head units and Phone apps

This includes Garmin Edge series, Garmin Watches, Wahoo Element series, Wahoo App, SRM,  ZWIFT, Rouvy, and many more.

The Bluetooth version can transmit and connect to ANT+ and Bluetooth simultaneously! If you have any questions regarding compatibility, visit our FAQ or simply contact us. We have tested Tempo with almost every head unit in the market. 

Designed, Built, Tested, Tuned and Manufactured in USA.

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Tempo Power Meters to ensure our clients receive the most quality, reliable products possible. To bring our exceptional production process to light, we’ve outlined the key features below.


Accuracy and Repeatability

Outstanding Performance

The most important aspect of a power meter is its accuracy. Followed closely by repeatability. Repeatable measurements are critical for noting incremental improvements in power output. It also allows you to race at your peak with confidence knowing you are at your full potential!


True Cadence

Gyroscopic measurements

The Tempo measures cadence throughout the pedaling stroke, not just through accelerometer which just measures time between strokes. This allows accurate power reporting by providing true cadence measurements continuously, not just at specific time intervals.


Temperature Compensation

Hardware and Software

Riding in the heat? Riding in the cold? Riding up a mountain with big temperature changes? No problem. The Tempo self corrects constantly uses hardware and software temperature compensation techniques that have been incorporated in military grade electronics. The design team is experienced in developing military grade electronics.

Sports Equipment

Built to Last


We take pride in designing robust devices. The Tempo uses high quality plastic, seals,  and adhesives to ensure a weatherproof and robust design. The bonding techniques used are the same used in the aircraft industry. It is built to last under the toughest environments.

It’s not just about the power meter, its about a obtaining a quality, high performance training tool.

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