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IC4 FAQ - You asked we answered!

Do you support BLE?

Yes! We support ANT+ and simultaneous ANT+  & BLE operation. Select this option upon checkout. 

Does it work with Zwift?

Yes! Our BLE capable power meter will work with Zwift. 

How Long Does a Factory Install take?

Factory Installation of a Power Meter on your crankarm takes 7-10 business days, not including return shipping. 

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship anywhere in the world!

Do you accept returns?

Tempo will accept, for return or exchange, power meters that are in new condition, unworn, unaltered, and free of damages from the customer. For a full refund or exchange, mail out your item within 14 days from the receipt of the original order. Power meters cannot be returned or exchanged after 14 days from the receipt of the original order. Power meters must be returned in original packaging.

What if my IC4 crankarm is not in stock?

You can order the arm directly from Schwinn and deliver it to us. We will put the meter on the new arm and ship it back to you. You can reach Schwinn support at 800 436 8292 . They sell the crank arm for about 12 dollars, plus tax and shipping. (shipping is around $5).

Where do I ship the crank arm for installation?

Tempo Power Meters

21001 Pines Blvd. #297651
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029-7026

What about Bowflex?

The Bowflex arm can also be ordered from Schwinn. They are essentially the same arm, except for the color. The Scwhinn arm is red and the Bowflex crank arm is black.

Can I use a Life Fitness IC4 crank arm on the Schwinn IC4?

Which Side does the power meter go on?

The Power Meter is installed on the left crank arm. Specify this to Schwinn when ordering

How long will it take to install the power meter?

It takes between 7-10 business days.

How often should I calibrate?

You should calibrate before every ride. To calibrate, set the crankarm to the 12:00 position and use your head unit or sports watch to calibrate.  Make sure you are unclipped and there is no load on the arm. You can calibrate using the TEMPO app found here: Tempo Power Meters - Apps on Google Play

Though the crank arms appear similar, the Life Fitness crank arm will not fit the Schwinn IC4

Why Choose Tempo?

We fully back out power meter with a superior design, great quality materials, and unparalleled customer service.  Not to mention that it is used by professional triathletes! We will even custom make a power meter for you if there is a fit issue for your frame.

Is there an IOS version of the Tempo App?

We are currently working on the TEMPO app for IOS. Currently, the app is only available for Android. 

How can I calibrate using IOS?

You can use the Wahoo Fitness app.

  • Download wahoo fitness app

  • Create account on wahoo fitness app

  • Log in

  • Click on pair or link sensors

  • Click on add new sensor

  • Click quickly pair a new sensor

  • Click on tempo power 

  • Click on save sensor

  • Select workout profiles, click done

  • Click on sensor

  • Scroll down

  • Put power meter at 12 o'clock position on bike - no load on pedals

  • Click calibrate

  • Click calibrate when new screen comes up

  • Click done when successful

  • Click on forget sensor

Can I just bond the power meter myself like other brands?

Other meters use CA (a type of superglue) to bond the sensors to the crank arm. Although this does work, CA will only create a reliable bond for about a year depending on how carefully you install it. Our bonding process is meticulous and the adhesive used provides a water proof , permanent bond using the same methods that manufacturers for aerospace measurement devices use.

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