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Stages Power Meter stopped working? No problem! Send us your Stages Power meter for repair.  (Single side only for now)

We can bond the meter to SRAM, Shimano, FSA, including FSA TEMPO, and more. NOTE: BY PURCHASING THIS OPTION, YOU AGREE THAT YOU HAVE CHECKED FIT HERE: There will be no refunds if the unit does not fit. 

Stages Power Meter Repair

  • Custom Repair Service Send us your stages power meter and we will repair it using a Tempo Power meter.


    Multipoint Calibration Each unit is individually calibrated at various points to ensure accurate readings at both low and high power.


    Hardware and Software Temperature Compensation Allows for precise, consistent, and repeatable power readings regardless of temperature and environment.


    Humidity Resistant  Sensors are immune to error from humidity extremes.


    Superior Water Intrusion Protection Superior sealing technology similar to military communication devices. Each device is tested for water intrusion resistance.


    Additional Features and Information:

    • Designed, built, assembled, tuned, and tested in USA.
    • ANT+ / BLE compatible
    • Affordable and accurate for everyday rider to competitive cyclist.
    • +/- 1.5% Power reading accuracy
    • Exceptional power measurement repeatability
    • No Motion Auto shutoff
    • Over the air firmware updates available via Windows Executable
    • Military spec circuits used for optimal performance, reliability , and repeatability.
    • Smooth case design to minimize snagging in mountainous terrians
    • Gold plated PCB to eliminate corrosion
    • Built to Last
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